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Spirit Albarn
31 July
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G r y f f i n d o r _ H e a d _ o f _ H o u s e
P E R S O N A L I T Y  
At first glance, Spirit seems to be suave and cool. Then he opens his mouth and turns into:
  1. a complete goofball;
  2. obsessive compulsive/over-protective father;
  3. playful womanizer; OR
  4. a completely serious man on a mission;
Number four doesn't happen very often now-a-days… He's rather easy going, makes things fun [or just plain weird with his chants and strange rituals for Maka], and is a good guy to be around. He shows his love for his daughter and women in general easily while threatening to beat up any men/boys who get near his precious daughter. Then gets really upset when they don't show interest in her either... Overall, he's pretty balanced... kind of...
B A C K G R O U N D  
Spirit is from a pureblood wizarding family and grew up in the UK [Northern Ireland] before his parents moved to England. He went to Hogwarts when he was 11 like all good little wizarding children and slouched his way through the first 2 or 3 years of school, getting good grades but not really applying himself like he should. The summer before his O.W.L. year, he suddenly buckled down and got serious, studying extensively through the last half of the summer and all during the school year. Doing extremely well on his exams, he was accepted into the N.E.W.T. level classes. He continued to apply himself, wanting to be an Auror because he thought it was dangerous, but cool, and it attracted women~ wanted to do something to better the world because he knew he could.

Upon entering his seventh year, he met Maka's mother and they got along well, even though he kept hitting on her. They entered the Auror program together and became partners, working with each other to bring out their best abilities. He earned the name 'Death Scythe' because the people he targeted were almost always caught, and his signature move looked a lot like a glowing blade of a scythe when he was on a night raid. After Maka was born, he started to take less dangerous missions until eventually, he decided he needed something that paid well but was safer for Maka's sake, so he applied to teach a Pre-Auror Training Class so he could keep an eye on her and chase away pesky boys to feed the growing minds of future Aurors~!
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