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† Lesson 044 †

It has been a trying time for all of us, and I'm very proud of all of you students. No matter what house you're in, I'm happy to have met all of you and I'm glad that you're all safe.

For those we have lost, we have to live on for them.

[In the Hospital Wing picking up Maka]

MY PRECIOUS LITTLE GIRL! are you okay?! Wha-



Why couldn't I have protected you from haaarm!

[[I didn't want to make two posts, so I just did this as one. The first part is a journal entry. The second part in the hospital wing is in person only. Anyone with minor injuries there, feel free to tell him to STFU because he's being loud. And sobbing.]]

† Lesson 043 †

Listen up Gryffindors! Make sure that you're helpful to our temporary guests from the Hufflepuff dorm!

If anyone from Hufflepuff has any questions, feel free to ask me!

But if any of you boys try to touch Maka I'll slice you in half.

So let's all get along, right?

† Lesson 042 †

I looked pretty good... though I lost a little of my... seasoning without a few years.

Anyway. I'm still your teacher, and I can still take off points. So no horsing around! No trying to haze your now smaller classmates!

[[Yes, Papa is de-aged! But I can't find the icons of it, so use your imagination!]]


† Lesson 041 †

Wow, I haven't given out a real assignment since WHEN?

Alright, kids! It's time for an assignment!

Since everyone is thinking about apparition right now, gives me a list -NO LESS THAN 5[ of ways you can use apparition to get the jump on your opponent. I guess I'll count popping up behind them as one of the five. It's due next Friday.

[[Very fail of me, but here is an assignment! And the strikes are his thoughts.]]

† Lesson 040 †


You thought I forgot, didn't you? But I didn't! I even got you something you'll really like!

[[Pretend like this was posted yesterday and that I'm not made of fail. And excuse the tacky HTML. Also: *goes to bed* = super!fail; I'll be tagging tomorrow night hopefully, but this couldn't get any later...]]

† Lesson 039 †

I-I've failed! As a father!


I let some dirty boy win your auction... how can I ever live this down...


† Lesson 038 †

You did good, Gryffindor! We'll definitely get them next time! AND MY LOVELY MAKA DID REALLY GREAT MAKING SO MANY GOALS

HOMEWORK. Really, this time.

I want a three foot paper on what tactics you would use to fight a group of 3 people. We'll discuss the proper way in class and I'll get with each of you to dissect each of your methods for pluses and minuses.

[Private to Shin]

You make a good prefect Shin, and I'm proud of you.

[[Ffff. I'm not dead or anything. OOC comments to say if they did it or not. Ffffaaail html gone]]

† Lesson 038 †


Okay, it's time for me to assign you guys some homework. Again... Let's see, what did I want to do?

Oh yeah. I want a 3 foot paper on - *sounds of something tearing*


Bloody hell! It did it again! *in a whiny voice* Makaaa...! My shirt got ripped by those weird blades agaaiin!


[[Papa's canon ability: making blades pop out of his body! Instead of just fully transforming into a scythe, he has blades pop out of random places! Sometimes he can control it. Sooometimes he can't. So watch out if you pass him in the hall. Also, I'm doing this before going to sleep, so I'll tag in the morning! ]]

† Lesson 037 †

Welcome back to school, everyone!

I hope you enjoyed the summer because this year is going to be full of work! That way, you'll be too busy to cause mischief, unlike last year. The sign-up is here in case you're being irregularly slow.

The first assignment, for all years, is a three foot scroll on what you think an Auror is, their purpose, and what you expect to learn this year. Don't give me the text book response. That's really boring and papers are hard enough to stay awake through as it is... It's due on Friday at the beginning of class. You only get half credit if it's late.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Happy Birthday Kid! I hope your day is... filled with symmetry.

[[Pretend this was posted at a reasonable time on Tuesday and not at 1 am >_>]]

† Lesson 036 †

I hope you kids are all having fun so far!

And that you didn't forget everything you were taught.

But I have even better news!

Maakaaa~! Would you like to go to Spain with Marta~?

[[Kind of... backdated, since this was BEFORE Marta and Alfred got back together, but I was away at Otakon! Srsly though, you gaiz. That log gave me diabeetus. Though I was looking for the make-up sex.]]